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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you deliver?

We do not offer delivery,  you can either pick up or arrange for delivery with Swiggy/Dunzo

Are any of your bakes vegan?

Most of our breads are vegan except Shokupan and the ones with cheese.

Storage instructions

Our breads are made with zero preservatives, hence the shelf life is short. All breads come wrapped in plastic bag to protect the bread from drying so kindly reuse them till your bread is finished. This can be stored as is over the counter in a cool space for up to 2 days. We recommend you freeze it after. Just thaw the bread, pop it in a toaster with some butter and enjoy!

Do you offer gluten free bakes?

At the moment we do not offer gluten free bakes

What is the white powdery stuff on my sourdough?

The white powder is rice flour. It is like teflon for sourdough, ensuring that the dough doesn't stick to the banneton during proofing.

Can you slice the bread for me?

Unfortunately we do not slice bread for you. Investing in a good bread knife makes the slicing easier.

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