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Marina Ramya Josef

Our Story

Hello! I am Marina Ramya, baker and owner of The Bread Therapy.

We are a small batch, handcrafted, artisanal bakery. Our products are made with high quality ingredients, no preservatives or additives.

It started as a mommy project after I quit my job to take care of my young kids. A love for bread sent me searching high & low for a simple, clean version (flour, salt, water, yeast/sugar) but let's just say every store bought bread included ingredients I (and my kids) didn't need. So I decided to bake my own!

Sourdough is particularly special to me because after failing numerous times trying to make this ‘holy grail’ of bread, I decided to bake a loaf every single day until I got it right. After many flat discs I got the texture I was looking for.

Through the process, I became fascinated by what nature can do with wild yeast. It is intriguing, complex and no 2 loaves are the same as nature & time do their magic. The end result is getting a loaf of bread made the ancient way. I simply love it and am committed to adding more naturally leavened bread to our offering.

From friends & family who encouraged me to think about baking as a profession to neighbours who make the time to offer thoughtful feedback - I’ve benefited from our community and in turn am inspired to continue making wholesome / healthier bakes for everyone. 

I hope you will join our community to experience the journey together!

This website is dedicated to one of the strongest women I know, my pillar of strength and my best friend - my mother!

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